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The Healing Properties of Purple Corn

By: Sheryl Walters
As seen on NaturalNews.com

(NaturalNews) Purple corn is a Peruvian super food cultivated in coastal areas, as well as in mountains of almost ten thousand feet. There are very few purple plants found in nature, and so for people who are looking to eat a true rainbow diet, purple corn extract is a fantastic addition.

Packed with Phytonutrients and Antioxidants

Purple corn contains a variety of phytonutrients (plant nutrients) including massive amounts of phenolics and anthocyanins. Research shows that crops with the highest phenolic and anthocyanin content also have the highest antioxidant activity.

Anthocyaninins are a type of complex flavonoid that produces blue, purple or red colors. Anthocyaninins are anti-inflammatory and encourage connective tissue regeneration. As well as being powerful antioxidants that keep us looking young and protected from disease, they promote blood flow and reduce cholesterol.

It appears that anthocyaninins may stabilize and protect capillaries and blood vessels from free radical damage, and they have been shown to promote collagen formation (which is great for our skin) and improve circulation.

Purple Corn has a higher antioxidant capacity than blueberries, making it one of the most exciting new super foods of our time. And speaking of exciting, there is an ancient Hopi prophecy that says when purple corn comes to the West, that is a sign that great changes are happening on the planet.

Purple Corn Studies and Benefits

Studies show that a diet rich in polyphenolic compounds is associated with reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Recent research in both animals and humans have shown that increasing polyphenol intake can:

  • Protect against atherosclerosis
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces blood clots
  • Elevates antioxidant capacity of the blood

A study by Tsuda et al in 2003 revealed the effects of purple corn on obesity and diabetes. Two groups consumed a diet rich in fats for 12 weeks, but one of the groups also received purple corn pigments. The group consuming the purple corn:

  • Didn't gain any weight
  • Didn't suffer hypertrophy in the adiposities of the fat tissues
  • Didn't show hyperglycemia (low blood sugar), hyperinsulinemia (too much insulin in the blood, which is the beginning of diabetes), or hyperleptinemia (increased serum leptin levels, which is another marker for diabetes).

In comparison, the group that didn't receive the extract and ate only a fat rich diet, showed an increase in all of those areas, thus showing the incredible benefits for fighting obesity and diabetes.

A Japanese study at Nagoya University showed that the pigment in purple corn impedes the development of cancer in the colon.

A sample group received food mixed with a natural carcinogenic substance which is found in the charred parts of roasted meat and fish, and another group also received 5% pigment of purple corn. In the group that was fed the cancer causing substance, 85% developed colon cancer, compared with only 40% that also received the pigment.

As colon cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer, adding some purple corn to the diet is a pretty good idea!

There are also some people who claim that purple corn can help us open our third eye chakra, since its color is purple. The third eye chakra is responsible for increased intuition, and opening up to spiritual truths.

About the Author

Sheryl is a kinesiologist, nutritionist and holistic practitioner. Her website www.younglivingguide.com provides the latest research on preventing disease, looking naturally gorgeous, and feeling emotionally and physically fabulous. You can also find some of the most powerful super foods on the planet including raw chocolate, purple corn, and many others.