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About Me - As a holistic health coach, I was inspired by superfoods during my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, particularly by David Wolfe's teachings. Battling Hashimoto's and Lyme disease, I found success in managing my conditions without medication, thanks to these nutrient-rich foods. 

Attending an event where David spoke in New Jersey was transformative for me. His introduction of purple corn, initially daunting, became a key ingredient in my journey to my own inner healing. Researching its benefits led me to create my first batch of Pure Potential Power Juice, a blend inspired by Peruvian tradition that fights free radicals and supports the bodies natural defense system. I didn't know it then, but he was the link to finding the very thing that is not only helping the mass on my liver shrink but also my stepping stone to my future – helping others build inner strength so they may live life as they also were meant. Since then, I have shipped out thousands of orders and helped countless individuals with their own journey to vitality.  

My journey continues as I overcome limitations from daily and past stress. I have learned through training, partnering with the best in the field and experience how our nervous system and subconscious mind creates your life decisions. 

Past trauma dictated my life decisions and until I healed those wounds emotionally, I made choices that inadvertently did harm to myself. As simple as a negative thought or hating on another can cause an imbalance and create havoc.
Although I am still human and do still have set backs, it is a journey of Pure Potential I'm excited and thankful to take everyday regardless of what inconveniences may arise.
I believe in my inherent abilities and know that I am most powerful when I am graceful with it and tend to its needs accordingly.
I trust nature and the process of life, I hope you will too...

For more information on Marlo's services, contact her at marlospassion@gmail.com or connect with her on Facebook.


Who We Are: We are a small family business seeking to echo ancient wisdom to awaken your potential for health and vitality.

"A joyful heart at peace brings life to the body." 

-Proverb 14:30