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How It Began

As a holistic health coach, the knowledge I gained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition was full of insight from nutritional genius David Wolfe. Thanks to his enthusiasm for superfoods, I grasped a love for them myself. I purchased every one I could get my hands on because, having Hashimoto's and Lyme disease, I was so intrigued by their effects that I needed to learn more about them. I tried most of them and succeeded in healing my Lyme disease and controlling my thyroid without medication. When David made an appearance at an event in New Jersey, I naturally went to gain more insight. I didn't know it then, but he was the link to finding the very thing that is not only helping the mass on my liver shrink, but also my stepping stone to my future – helping others build inner strength so they may live life as they also were meant.

The main ingredient of Pure Potential Power Juice, purple corn, is one of the superfoods David had introduced to me, but doing anything with it seemed too difficult. So it sat in my pantry until… 

I discovered I had a mass on my liver that needed to be reduced. In my research to succeed in this, I was in search of a food to enhance the effects of my efforts in reducing the mass. I was looking to get "more" in less time and discovered the purple corn sitting in my pantry to be researched to do just that."  Purple corn surfaced and I didn't have to look far, as I had a package sitting in my pantry from my earlier healthy shopping spree. 

Peruvians regularly use purple corn in drinks. I've put a personal twist on it, making Pure Potential Power Juice into a vitamin drink that purifies and nourishes your body naturally. Being a health coach for 10 years, I recognized the need for a tasty whole food that would not only help fight free radicals but also provide nutrients to help support our natural systems. My understanding that taking the burden off our system physically, mentally and spiritually will help it do what it innately was intended to do, allowed me to enthusiastically share it with the public. Natural healing starts with a healthy mindset, which is easier to achieve alongside a healthy diet. 

Pure Potential is more than just a juice; it is a state of mind. Purity needs to be cultivated in the mind first, as healthy choices are not just in food but in what we mentally consume as well.

Using this philosophy my mass has reduced significantly and is stable.

Long story short: Stay awake, my friends. While you're mistakenly assuming, the answers are right before you. Nourish what you have with what you have been naturally given. This is Pure Potential living! After discovering the mass on my liver, understanding, embracing and nourishing it is how it's shrinking. 

Marlo has committed herself over the last 10 years to building her own inner strength, immersing herself in understanding personal power, realizing it supports not only her own life but others' as well. Her mission is to help you become stronger and more confident in who you are and how you feel by developing inner strength naturally. Her practice includes applying healthy foods to get the body satisfied, as well as yoga for a focused mind and a positive attitude to keep the spirit smiling. Her dream is to improve the educational system to include these human values so every child grows up knowing that they have everything they need and that their bodies will thrive as they nourish them properly. Marlo would like to see humans from a young age grasp that winning is not in what you achieve but in who you become in the process of living your dreams.  Peace lies throughout your whole system when we understand this lesson. When one life is content, we all benefit. so until this dream is met, she continues to support life in every way she can.

For more information on Marlo's services, contact her at marlospassion@gmail.com or connect with her on Facebook.


"A joyful heart at peace brings life to the body."

-Proverb 14:30