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"The Juice lowered my cholesterol to under 200 in about a month and my doc has since taken me off meds! Amazing! Thank you…"

Francess Powell


"Just wanted to thank you again, Marlo Gruber. I have been drinking your power juice for the past month and feel healthier, stronger and more energetic than I have in a long while. Having Crohn's Disease, I'm usually sick on Thanksgiving, but this year I'm feeling great! It also helps influence positive choices, so I even lost a few pounds. I also appreciate your unlimited patience with my questions! Xoxox"

Cynthia Scaperotta


"Thank you! During this year, between my brain surgery and being on so many different medications and steroids, I had only OK days to bad days, and I always felt like I had to push myself to even take a shower or do something so simple. Now I am having good days, and I owe it all to you and the amazing purple corn juice you make! You are helping me get back to me, but a more improved me!

I have not been taking this long, but I feel a difference. I feel better, feeling good, and I know it's this juice. Before I was taking this, getting out of bed took forever! Now I am up, moving around, getting better and stronger. Thank you so much! Thank you for helping me come back to life!

Also, my family is loving the purple corn juice! And it tastes amazing! I will let you know when I only have two left, so I can order more, so I am never without! Thanks Again!"

Marian Drago


"Today is the first day in years that I didn't have to take my blood pressure pill! My BP has been very low – 100/62 – so my doctor told me I could stop taking the meds! The ONLY thing that's changed in my life is my purple juice, which I take faithfully every day. I'm so grateful and thankful to my friend Marlo for making this healthy and natural cocktail!"

Ingrid DiPasquale


"If I started from the beginning, this letter would go on for pages. I am almost 39 years old and have been suffering from many ailments since I was 15 years old. Most of the time going undiagnosed, but always leading back to some kind of auto-immune deficiency, joint issues, stomach issues and sinus issues (just to name a few). A lot of the times when I would suffer from these attacks they were debilitating, thousands of dollars in tests, lots of missing out on life, period. I became the joke, the one people call a hypochondriac! My children would make fun of me and say, 'What hurts today?' (ha ha) Inside I was miserable. This was no life. I have been taking the purple juice for about three months now, and I am a different person. I DO NOT have pains anymore. I have gotten a few little colds through the winter, took some extra shots of the juice and BAM I got better. No antibiotics. This is unreal. I have never had a cold that did not go into bronchitis or a sinus infection. I have tried so many different medications and never had relief; or if I did, it would be short lived. I would pay a lot of money to have my life back, and the fact that I have it back and am not broke is a miracle in and of itself. I am beyond grateful that a wonderful friend had an experience with the purple juice and shared her experience for all to see, otherwise I would not even know of its existence. Thanks for giving me my life back!"

Stephanie Weiss


"Hey Marlo, I need to share how great your juice is. I have been trying to lose the last 5 pound since I had Tori. By the way, she's 5. After taking your juice, I'm down 8 lbs without trying. Considering I'm a health coach and a vegan, I am very healthy! I have been leaning toward hormones and I have to say... I believe your juice has helped to balance them out. Thanks girl, you're the best. xoxox"

Stacy Stampone


"The power juice is AMAZING! It has helped with my digestion and given me a boost of energy."

Stephanie Flores


"The purple corn is great. My blood sugar has really dropped after taking this juice!"

Jo Ann Brown


"Hi Marlo. Love the juice. It's helping my digestive system so much! Thank you so much for helping all of us! xoxo"



"I am loving the power juice! It's helping with my acid reflux and it tastes great!"

Kristin Favarolo


"Marlo, you were so right about your power juice. We are pleased and amazed! We have been feeling the same day after day – increased energy and weight loss without changing much in our diets. Can't wait to see the effects when we do. What I really want to share is that on Sunday, I felt very sluggish. I didn't get much sleep and felt like a cold was coming on. OMG – one ounce of your juice and in 20 mins I felt 90% better. Amazing! Thanks so much! Can't wait to refill!"

Lisset Wells


"Yay..shipping! I have to say... This juice is amazing. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I take many meds, including Enbrel, which shuts down my over-active immune system. I also work in a school, so not a good mix for me. In September, I had three upper respiratory infections, but since starting this juice, I have had none! My rheumatologist was amazed!"

Renee Napolitano


"Marlo, your purple juice has helped my son tremendously. For those of you who don't know, he has a plethora of allergies, and as a side effect, he has a weakened immune system. With just a little every day, he is getting stronger and stronger. Plus he loves it! xoxox"

Rae Russo


"I drink the juice for its vitamins and anti-inflammatory effects."

Dr. Barry Prystowsky


"A joyful heart at peace brings life to the body."

-Proverb 14:30