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Why Pure Potential?

Why purple corn?

What is purple corn?

Purple corn is botanically the same species as white corn. By a twist of nature, it produces one of the deepest shades of purple found anywhere in the plant kingdom. Purple corn is a Peruvian super food cultivated in coastal areas, as well as in the mountains of almost 10,000 feet. There are very few purple plants found in nature, and so for people who are looking to eat a true rainbow diet, purple corn extract is a fantastic addition. Purple corn contains a variety of phytonutrients, including massive amounts of phenolics and anthocyanins. It is a type of complex flavanoid that produces a purple color and has antimutagenic, antimicrobial and anticarcinogenic properties.

Where does the corn get its color purple from?

The corn starts out as your average corn. But by the beauty of nature, it protects itself in the colder weather at night in the mountains of Peru, and the result is the purple color – an anthocyanin that protects your cells in the same way.

Isn't corn bad for you? And isn't all corn genetically modified?

You are not consuming the corn itself. You are taking in the extract of the anthocyanins that have been extracted from the corn. The corn we use is brought in from Peru. Peru does not allow GMOs to be grown in their country.

What are antioxidants (And how do they work)?

Antioxidants can prevent or slow cell damage. They protect against unwanted oxygen damage to our cells, blood vessels and organs. They include thousands of different compounds, including vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. They work by preventing damage caused by free radicals, which are byproducts of normal metabolism. The nutrients they include are Vitamins A and C, as well as selenium, magnesium, lycopene and beta carotene. Natural antioxidants are mainly found in fruits and vegetables, marine plants, and some seafood that eat marine plants.

What do antioxidants do?

If the human body were a baseball game, antioxidants would be the first baseman. Antioxidants are one of the first lines of defense that the body employs to keep free radicals in check and prevent them from causing a domino effect of damage on other cells. Antioxidant compounds can “donate” electrons to unstable free radicals so they don’t have to snatch electrons from unsuspecting nearby cells. In other words. They provide the unstable cell with replacement to stop destructive behavior. Antioxidants can also help repair cell damage caused by free radicals.

What are free radicals?

Exposure to oxygen (aka oxidation) can “break” atoms, so they end up with unpaired electrons, which make them chemical loose cannons. These bad boys, called free radicals, are constantly on the hunt for spare electrons to stabilize their mixed-up atoms. Free radicals latch onto electrons from other cells, which can create a chain reaction of free radical-ness. Stealing nearby electrons means that the cell next door loses some of its electrons, therefore becoming a free radical in its own right. Sounds tiring.

Why are free radicals a bad thing?

It’s rarely a good idea to mess with cell structure, and it can get bad when the cells undergoing oxidative stress contain DNA. Oxidative stress has been linked to serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, aging, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune diseases, cognitive decline and eye conditions like macular degeneration.

What are some types of antioxidants?

Why should I eat more antioxidants?

The body naturally produces antioxidants and free radicals. The good news is we can handle all these free radicals. The bad news is only for a limited time. Like a product promo good while supplies last. The worst news is free radicals increase as we age while our natural antioxidants don't.

You breathe in pollution daily, eat junk, cholesterol rich food, food with chemicals, drink alcohol, soda, smoke, are around second hand smoke, amongst other factors that help free radicals enter your body, but you don't get new batches of antioxidants. Experts say at about 25 you stop producing antioxidants naturally, so your body gets outnumbered daily until they're gone, and thats where disease begins.

What are anthocyanins?

Derived from the Greek word anthos meaning flowers, and kyonos meaning blue, they are responsible for the purple violet and red colors attending many plants. They belong to an even larger class of plant chemicals known as flavanoids and are found in diverse plants. They are natural anti- inflammatories and encourage connective tissue regeneration and collagen formation (required for skin) that not only keep us looking young and protected from disease but is good for the blood vessels, the more elastic they are, the better. This helps them expand then put out blood flow. Therefore they improve circulation and reduce cholesterol and appear to also stabilize and protect capillaries and blood vessels from free radical damage.

The pharmaceutical use of Anthocyanins in Ophthalmology is also recognized for their properties to increase visual acuity and improve night vision. Anthocyanins have a good effect on all your body systems being a cell protector and booster it particular protects your DNA cells from free radicals damage. The healthier the DNA the better the overall body health. when cells are destroyed by free radicals they deform mute to form tumors, cancer amongst other diseases.

Can you take in too many antioxidants?

Excess can disrupt balance only if taken in synthetic supplement form. Pure Potential is a whole food. Natural food does not stay in the body to clog up your system, whereas chemicals and synthetic foods do. Natural residues are easily eliminated. Antioxidants work in synergy with other compounds, therefore when taken in their natural state – as in Pure Potential – it is not harmful. We do not recommend more than 8 ounces a day, due to the body only being able to absorb so many at a time. Plus, too much of anything is not good. If you do take in too many, you will just eliminate through urination.

How does it differ from other antioxidant products?

Pure Potential is hand made, using only organic fruits and vegetables. There is no concentration to the fruit, therefore it metabolizes in the body at its full benefit. We use reverse osmosis water and add no preservatives. We feel keeping it in its natural state is what's been giving it its medicinal properties. Aside from all this, it tastes good, is multifunctional and is a food.

When you eat whole fresh foods they are highly concentrated in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber. You provide your body with the fuel it needs to stay healthy. Real food is that which is compatible with the organic nature of our body. The less stress we put on our body and the more real food we feed it, the healthier and more vibrant we become.

What are whole, fresh foods?

Whole foods have no synthetic or isolated vitamins. They are part of an entire complex that serves a purpose when part of a whole. It is the best nutrition for your body. They are easily absorbed, retained and used when needed.

Why is inflammation crucial to reduce, aside from the pain it produces?

When you get inflammation, enzymes harm the tissues and capillaries. This causes blood leak, which often affects other tissues. Oxidants get released and do greater damage on blood vessel walls. Purple corn helps to neutralize the enzymes, stopping them from destroying connective tissue. It also repairs the damaged protein found on the walls of the blood vessels. Also with inflammation comes poor circulation, which in turn causes dehydration.

Why is dehydration bad, aside from being thirsty?

When you're dehydrated, there is inefficient transport of oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other materials to the cells, and waste materials away from.

Will it give me energy?

Pure Potential is a functional food. The antioxidants found in our juice don't directly contribute to energy, but the cleansing effect of them leaves you with more oxygen. Pure Potential has been known to give a boost. What we aim to do is provide the body with the nutrients it may be lacking and releasing what may be tiring it out. There are no added sugars or caffeine. It is natural energy.

Will I lose weight?

Although the anthocyanin content in P3J has been researched to regulate fat storage of your body, as well as to help clean out the liver and promote circulation, we do not claim that this is a weight loss product. We simply aim to heal the body. You are exposed to free radicals every day. The antioxidant content will help fight the free radicals to assist in the metabolism process. Oxygen is needed to burn calories. The more calories you take in, the more oxygen that is needed. We recommend you combine with exercise and good diet.

Will P3J enhance my workout?

P3J is a natural energy food. Rice may give you too many carbs, and energy drinks can destroy the kidneys and give you diabetes from all the caffeine and sugar. While they may give you a short term burst of energy, you'll ultimately crash. When you need a boost, sipping on P3J will give you extended power to build more muscle and lose more weight. And it's safe.

If taken before a workout, P3J will allow nutrient uptake of food taken in and will help get rid of exercise oxidative stress, helping muscle build and repair.

If taken after a workout, it will help replenish minerals you may have lost.

How does P3J support digestion?

Antioxidants protect against unwanted oxygen damage to our cells, blood vessels and organs. They include thousands of different compounds including vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. They work by preventing damage caused by free radicals, which are byproducts of normal metabolism. They include Vitamin C, selenium, magnesium, lycopene and beta carotene. They prevent inflammatory reactions in the digestive tract and liver. They help protect the digestive tract as a whole, improving the integrity of the stomach lining and controlling the level of stomach secretions.

Will P3J stimulate my bowels?

P3J has been known give you a "clean" feeling. Although it is not high in fiber, the nutrients it contains provide the body with what it may need to move things along.

How does it help me maintain weight and hydrate?

Aside from the mineral content that helps to keep the body hydrated, P3J's anthocyanins help reduce inflammation. By reducing inflammation you get better circulation, and with that, the cells get better hydrated.

When you hydrate the liver, the kidneys function better. If the liver doesn't do its job, then it cannot break down fat and energy at the rate we need it to. In order for proper diet and exercise to be effective, you'll need to maintain proper hydration so the body fat released into the blood stream can be broken down into protein, because they are the building blocks of muscle. A simple equation: More water equals more muscle and less fat.

By drinking P3J, you help to hydrate the cells, promoting circulation and keeping the liver and the digestive system clear and in optimal condition. You will help your body not only prevent disease but also promote the nourishment of your cells by keeps them satisfied, therefore curbing your appetite.

Will P3J relax me?

Antioxidants are known to promote blood vessel health by giving better oxygen to the brain, which creates endorphins for relaxation and good emotions. Being stressed out impairs your repair mechanisms, though that's a cycle that can be broken by consuming Pure Potential Power Juice. There are also some people who claim that purple corn can help us open our third eye chakra, since its color is purple. The third eye chakra is responsible for increased intuition, and opening up to spiritual truths.

Does Pure Potential cure?

Although we have had many people claim how it has enhanced their lives, we do not claim to cure; we aim to heal. We believe when the body becomes content, it heals itself.

Real food is that which is compatible with the organic nature of our body. The less stress we put on our body and the more real food we feed it, the healthier and more vibrant we become.

Is Pure Potential a cleanse?

We do not believe harsh cleanses are effective in the long run. Pure Potential is a daily cleanse that takes the burden off of your own natural detoxification system from daily toxins – like food and environment – by improving and optimizing it with its whole food nutrients.

Pure Potential can act as a diuretic and is a good remedy for swelling or excess fluid.

Severely restricting your body can be more damaging than the so-called toxins. They claim to cleanse because they change the body's cellular process and leave the body looking for help. The reset can be detrimental in that it will want to store, rather than utilize, the food energy when it gets back to normal. The stresses of these cleanses can lower the pH in the long run. Pure Potential aims to avoid this.

How is P3J different from juicing?

P3J contains many of the same nutrients as juicing products, but those products need to pasteurized if being distributed, and in the process they lose nutrients. P3J does not go through a juicer process. It is boiled to extract its nutrients, and lab results show it maintains all of its high antioxidants and other valuable nutrients.

Who should use P3J?

A lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise and good hydration is imperative to supporting a healthy metabolism. Sometimes, however, that is not enough. Exposure to toxins like pesticides and heavy metals is unfortunately inevitable, so supporting and optimizing the body can reduce the damage from exposure.

If you eat processed, fortified or enriched foods or foods ridden with pesticides or natural flavorings, it's important to cleanse the liver regularly to avoid overload. Too much buildup causes organ function to decline. Therefore, if you have regular skin breakouts, are always tired, catch every cold and move your bowels only one time a day, it's wise to use P3J.

Smokers, those who work in polluted ares, are exposed to high radiation, high performance athletes especially after a workout or competition, those at risk for cancers, those who have inflammation, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration and cataracts should especially consider using. When in doubt, always consult your physician.

All cells want and need nutrients. If they don't get it, they die and don't function properly. High levels of toxins lead to severe disease. There are toxins in water, air, soil and junk food.

How do I drink Pure Potential Juice?

1-2 ounces is recommended daily. Don't wait until you get sick and then look for a remedy. If fighting a cold, take at intervals of 2-4 ounces throughout the day as advised. No more than 8 ounces per day is recommended. Keeping under the tongue for 30 seconds will enhance effectiveness.

Can kids and pregnant women take it?

Yes, especially for children who do not get their fruits and veggies in. Pure Potential is simply infused water. Taken at the recommended dosage, it is advisable. Children from 5-12 are advised to do half the adult dosage.

It is safe for healthy pregnant women also, but please check with your doctor in the event you have an existing condition that it may not permit.

Can I take it with my medication?

Pure Potential is safe to take with most medications. In the event you are unsure, please consult your physician. It is advised to take after your medication or separately from your medication to get the full benefit of the juice.

Is it safe overall?

If you can drink soda, powdered juices or eat canned food, there's no reason to fear a super food. If you can drink poison, then taking an all-natural super drink should be safe for you.

What if I don't feel anything right away?

Don't be impatient. If you eat a banana, do you get a healthy heart tomorrow? If you turn into a vegetarian today, will you reap the benefits tomorrow? If you take in a carcinogen, will you die tomorrow? These things take time to develop. Food takes time to affect the body. P3J is a natural food, and you'll soon reap the permanent benefits.

Keep Drinking…

Natural healing works slowly. They work your inner health first to get rid of the source of the illness. Later you feel relief, but no side effects from eating too much. The worst than can happen is you eliminate waste more than usual. Healing can happen even when curing doesn't!

Does it need to be refrigerated, and how long does it last?

Yes, refrigerate upon opening. It will last up to 3-4 weeks.

Is it safe for pets?

Yes. 1 tsp. is sufficient.


Who We Are: We are a small family business seeking to echo ancient wisdom to awaken your potential for health and vitality.

"A joyful heart at peace brings life to the body."

-Proverb 14:30