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What is Purple Corn?

What on Earth is Purple Corn?

Purple corn has a higher antioxidant capacity than almost all other foods on the planet. In the purple food category, purple corn is the highest!

Purple corn starts out as your average yellow corn, and as the nighttime temperature changes in the mountains of Peru, it protects itself with the polyphenols you see as purple. Used for centuries as a healthy source for electron donation, its anthocyanin content research shows that purple corn protects cells from damage during metabolic responses and from toxins via environmental pollution.

As an adaptagenic, purple corn will also help to restore the balance of the body by supporting healthy stress responses, a strong immune system, anti-inflammation and a positive mood.

Purple corn is best known for its use in beverages. Pure Potential has created a healthy juice that has a cinnamon, citrus flavor. It can be served alone or in smoothies. It can be used to fight colds, supplement workouts, gain an energy boost, reduce inflammation, regulate bowels, support digestion and as a circulation enhancer.

Not all purple corn is alike. Ours is sourced from Peru from a supplier who withholds our same standard of practice for a natural product.

Your power lies in being energized and satisfied! Our authentic performance juice aims to help you achieve this in your daily life.

We are the juice of life, de-stressing your system one day at a time. 


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"A joyful heart at peace brings life to the body."

-Proverb 14:30