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Balance Questionaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to evaluate where you are out of balance in mind ,body & spirit to help asses your individual protocol

My goal is to help you self regulate by reclaiming your energy & calming your nervous system. Both foster a natural healing and a virtuous cycle of vitality and resilience that help you create your best life

This is an integrity based healing process that requires self discovery, self trust and self discipline

The journey of self/soul care is the balance between doing good things that soothe you and ones that challenge you, in order to feel and be your best.

If your ready to create your potential: Take a deep breathe and feel in your body to best access the appropriate answers. If you get confused 😕 and are torn it may be something you want to be but hvnt yet accomplished and thats ok but the answer of where you are at now today will help me give you the best protocol. Just remember Your exactly where you need to be!

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Breathe, Your half way there and tell me Which is tense ?
...in realizing your potential?

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Congratulations you finished , you took your first step toward reaching your full potential. Pat yourself on the back and smile.

Thank you!
I am looking forward to assisting you in your journey to vitality.