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5 Incredible Benefits of Purple Corn Juice

 A well-kept South American secret has made its way from the fields high up in the Andes to working miracles for your health. Purple Corn, a super-food that provides us with energy and essential nutrients for us is now ready to make its way into the American market. With all of the contradicting information on the internet about how to stay healthy, it is no wonder people are completely confused about their health and the true value of nutrition. From the next "miracle" health trend can cure your disease to the new detox that promises to can make you live longer, look younger, and lose weight (that might actually contain more sugar than your favorite soft drink), it hard to know where to start and where to end. To us at Pure Potential Power Juice, nutrition is not about a miracle pill or diet fad, it is about optimizing your life through the food you consume and allowing your body to heal itself from the inside out. With its main ingredient, purple corn, our performance enhancing juice promotes sustainability and bioavailability of the body. With its never ending benefits, we've composed a list of its top 10 most incredible benefits for those who are new to this revolutionary superfood.  

  1. Powerful Antioxidant: 

Purple corn contains a variety of phytonutrients including copious amounts of phenolics and anthocyanins. The high amounts of antioxidants are responsible for the corn's rich, purple color and also means it is also high in antioxidants (a substance that inhibits oxidation). With that being said, it is shown to stabilize capillaries, promote collagen production (hello, youthful skin!), and promote blood flow.  


2. Anti- Diabetes: 

    Anthocyanin strengthens our glandular system which affects the pancreas and how it normally secretes natural insulin. The corn also keeps your body fat lower, which regulates your fat levels. This helps stabilize blood sugar levels.  

    3. Anti-Obesity: 

    "A July 2003 study published in the "Journal of Nutrition" looked at the anti-obesity potential of the purple corn anthocyanin C3G. The research looked at four groups of mice: one fed a high-fat diet, a second fed a high-fat diet and a purple corn extract that contained C3G, a third fed a normal diet and a fourth fed a normal diet and purple-corn extract with C3G. When the results were compared at the end of 12 weeks, rats fed the high fat diet with C3G showed less propensity toward obesity than the rats fed the high fat diet without C3G, despite the fact that there was no significant difference in caloric consumption between the two groups. The rats on the high-fat diet with C3G supplementation also showed no significant differences in fatty tissue weight when compared to the rats on the normal diets. Rats on the high-fat diet that consumed C3G did not show the propensity toward hyperglycemia and insulin resistance that rats on the high-fat diet without C3G did. The researchers concluded that purple corn anthocyanins may have the potential to fight obesity and diabetes" 

    Enough said. 


    4. Anti-Inflammation: 

    Inflammation is caused when the body tries to contain infection. Inflamed or swelling organs can lead to death, like brain swelling or heart enlargement. The large amounts of anthocyanin will aid inflammation and will prevent diseases like tonsillitis, bronchitis, meningitis, etc. 

    5. Energy!:

    The anthocyanin in the Purple Corn is both a cell booster and protector. With that being said, if your cells are healthy and boosted, your organs function properly and your whole body is vitalized. Your energy levels will skyrocket because your body is thanking you from the inside out and functioning at your Pure Potential!